by Donna Klein, nyarm

Len Jones, NYARM President and Manager at fordham Hill Owners Corp (center) with Lockman security specialists: Angel Velazquez, Hector Guiterrez, Leo Regolini and Ken Schwartz.

In 1983 two New York City school teachers, Ken Schwartz and Larry Cooperman decided to go into business for themselves. Their chosen field - locksmithing and security. While teaching by day, they learned and developed their craft at night doing work for other locksmiths. They built up their business working with the Crimes Victims Services Agency.

Two years later, exhausted from balancing two full time jobs, Ken and Larry left the Board of Education to devote all their time and energy to LOCKMAN. The two ex-teachers converted an old city ambulance and cruised their Flushing, Queens neighborhood distributing flyers and advertising in the local papers.

By 1986, business had grown so that they needed to hire two employees and purchase a second service vehicle. Today, the LOCKMAN organization consists of three principals (Angel Velazquez has joined the ranks), fifteen full time employees and eight vehicles (the ambulance has since been retired).

In their desire to address many of the security related issues that face their clients, they gradually expanded their services to include the following:

DOORS and ENTRANCES - kalamein, hollow metal, glass and aluminum, custom steel, etc.
INTERCOM and ENTRY SYSTEMS - "standard", telephone and video.
KEY SYSTEMS - mastered and grandmastered, with and/or without restricted keys.
CARD ACCESS SYSTEM - both stand alone and computer driven.
LOCKS - mechanical, electronic and electromagnetic
CCTV - standard as well as covert
MAILBOXES - USPS approved as well as non-approved for commercial use.
ALARM SYSTEMS - local and/or central station monitored.

LOCKMAN currently provides these services for various nursing homes, hospitals, universities, State, Federal and Diplomatic offices, banks, museums and art galleries, national retail chains and most of all - many RESIDENTIAL MANAGEMENT COMPANIES whose properties are located throughout the metropolitan area.

LOCKMAN operates out of their new, modern facility on Jamaica Avenue in Queens. They continue growing their customer base and product offerings as they have done every year since their inception. The larger facility permits them to provide various educational security related seminars. For further information please dial 718-L-O-C-K-M-A-N (562-5626).

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