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Organic Contaminant Testing Kits

FAST TEST RESULTS give you the ability to move on problems before they "mushroom". This easily fits into your day to day operations by providing each maintenance worker one test kit, so it is with them at the very place and time that they have the concern. Similarly, for contractors, each mechanic's truck should have several on hand.

One PREPAID test with a kit is $150 each.
Shipments are in packages of five. Including the sales tax [ $150 x 5 + 66.57 = $816.67 ]

Orders for 125 or more, which is 5 packages of 5, receive an 8% discount. Discount applies only to same shipping address.

BugLab Id can test for 150 + items, including: insect, pests and human parasites (such as fleas, ticks, bed bugs, rodents) mold, bacteria, virus or fungal pathogen and most any bacteria (including MSRA and MSRP but the process and apparatuses and protocol for collecting these samples would be different.)

Test sample collection is handled with ease and is meant to compliment your environmental safety efforts as early detection. Once sample is take customer overnights the sample to our lab and within 24 hours results will be emailed.

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Please call the NYARM office with credit card payments - 212-216-0654.

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